Research & Development


In many countries of Africa there is a need for R & D.

To meet the challenges to overcome problems there is not always a direct answer. In many cases RSS can turn to other tropical countries, who have dealt with the same problems many years ago, like with coconut processing.


However sometimes we have to conduct our own R & D.

At present three R&D projects are initiated by RSS;


       Fish silage as animal feed. This R&D project needs to determine the effects of fish silage as animal fodder on cows, goats, pigs, poultry and as fish feed. Although much has been done already, it is important to determine the optimum FCR (Food Conversion Rate) in relation to weight, milk production and egg production. In addition the reduction of methane output by ruminants, which is believed to be over 30%.

       Fish silage as organic fertilizer. Herewith we want to determine the effect of this product on the yield of various crops.

       African igloo. The objective of this project is to build a demo house from a framework of steel strips. Key words are here: Cheap, fast, durable and resistant to earth quakes and storms.